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Vodice, 10 - 12. November 2023.



The 20th Regatta JABUKA is organized by the Sailing Club Tijat - Vodice under the competence of the Croatian Sailing Federation and the overall competence of the ORC and the World  Sailing (WS) from November 10th to 12th 2023.



• International Racing Rules of Sailing ISAF 2021-2024 (RP)
• Decision of CSF on possession of vignette for 2023.
• WS Offshore Special Regulations for Race. Category 3 Races without life raft
• International Measurement System IMS
• ORC Rules and ORC Regulations
• From sunset to sunrise, except when changed in the Sailing Instructions (SI), RRS part 2 rules will be replaced with the right-of-way rules of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCAS)
• This Notice of race
• Race Instructions
• Notifications of the Race Committee and organizer that will be posted at least 2 (two) hours before the start of the race

If there is a conflict between languages the Croatian text will take precedence.



WS Advertising Code will apply with no restrictions. The organizer may require that the boats display the Event Advertising as follows.

Bow number with advertisement must be displayed on both sides of the first 20% of the hull.
Sponsor logo must be displayed on both sides of the boom in 20% of the most visible part.
The Organizing Authority may also require the installation of additional equipment such as video cameras or tracking devices (GPS).



4.1. "20th Regatta Jabuka" is open for all sailing boats with an inboard engine that fully meet the "WS Offshore Special Regulations for Category 3 without life raft" longer than 9.40 m (LOA) with a regular navigation license. ORC boats must have a valid ORC club or ORC international certificate.

4.2. Competitors have to comply with the WS Eligibility Code and be verified at their National authorities. All crew members must be older than 14 years on 01. November 2023.

4.3. The owner of a sailing boat or charter boat must have a valid insurance policy (for participation in the competition) for the sailing boat and all crew members on board.



5.1. All entrants will be divided to groups by meters, for each full meter from 9.40 m and still one group within the OPEN group.
If there are less than 3 boats in a group, they will be attached to a larger group.
The ORC club boats can be divided into groups depending on the number of entrants. Criteria for the classification of the group will be CDL.
Boats can register and participate in both groups (Open, ORC club) at the same time.
All boats compete for the fastest sailing boat in real time prize.
Classification by groups can not be grounds for redress.

5.2. The Organizing Authority may also approve the Monotype Groups.

5.3. The classification of boats according to the above mentioned groups is a discretionary power of the Organizing Authority.

5.4. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to accept new groups not listed in this notice of race.



6.1.  Entries should be submitted to the Organizing Committee only by online entry form ( no later than Monday, 06.11.2023. Late entries can be accepted at discretion of the Organizing Committee with a double entry fee.

6.2. The entry fee can only be paid by bank transfer before the registration. Cash payment when registering is not possible!

Bank: Zagrebačka banka d.d., Zagreb

IBAN: HR9523600001102272904


Bank transfers should be addressed to the Sailing Club Tijat. Please enter the reference number: OIB (personal identification number) of payer and the payment description: name and surname / name of payer, name of boat for which the entry fee is to be paid.

Boat length Entry fee amount
09,40 to 10,39 m 190,00 €
10,40 to 11,39 m 220,00 €
11,40 to 12,39 m 250,00 €
12,40 to 13,39 m 280,00 €
13,40 to 14,39 m 310,00 €
14,40 to 15,39 m 340,00 €
15,40 to 16,39 m 370,00 €
16,40 to 17,39 m 400,00 €
17,40 to 18,39 m 430,00 €
18,40 to 19,39 m 460,00 €
19,40 to 20,39 m 490,00 €
from 20,40 m 550,00 €
  1 € = 7,53450 kn

The refund of the entry fee can be requested no later than November 1st 2023.

6.3. Extra Class Participation (ORC) is charged  additional 40,00 € per boat.

6.4. Monotype Group - The Organizing Committee may allow forming of this group with a prepayment of 700,00 €, for a group up to ten boats, for each of the following boats is paid an amount of additional 70,00 €.

6.5. A boat shall be deemed to be registered before 06. November 2023 if the following documents are submitted:

a) correctly completed Entry form
b) payment confirmation of entry fee
c) Sailing license for the Open class
d) Valid insurance policy against a third person
e) List of crew with complete names and numbers of sail driver's ID
f) Phone number ashore with the name of a contact person
g) Number of CSF Vignette for 2023 or filled form: Notification of appearance on one calendar regatta of the CSF without vignette
h) Valid ORC certificate issued before 01.11.2023. for ORC groups

6.6. The Organizing authority shall not be liable for any costs due to the failure of  the registration of a boat.



7.1. Each owner or skipper of a boat must personally make a confirmation registration at JK Tijat's Regatta Office at the Waterfront of Vodice. The Regatta Office open from 12:00 to 18:00 on Friday, November 10th.

7.2. The following documents must be available upon registration:

a) Signed Safety Equipment List
b) Signed statement of owner or skipper for all crew members on taking over responsibility

7.3. The measurement protest will be accepted no later than 2 hours after the announcement of a final Start List.



8.1. Schedule:

Friday, 10th November 2023.

12:00 - 18:00 registration
20:00 - 24:00 start 

Sunday, 12th November 2023.

10:00 Time limit for finishing the competition
12:00 Prize award and winner annoucement

8.2. One sailing is scheduled with two possible courses:

Course A: Vodice – Plić Sestre - Island of Jabuka - Island of Blitvenica - Vodice
Course B: Vodice – Plić Sestre - Island of Jabuka - Island of Mulo - Vodice

Each check point can also be an auxiliary finish.
The Organizing Authority reserves the right to change the course as it will be posted on the official Notice board of race.



9.1. Will not be inspection before the start. Each skipper or boat owner will signed the form about possession safety equipment. 

9.2. Inspection should be carried out after the race according next list: 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 boat in finish after 10 place RC will decide which boat will be inspected. Inspection will be made immediately upon the arrival boat in the port. In case to boat does not have all the equipment according point 9.3 NoR, RC will protest the boat.

9.3. List of equipment that must be on boat before official registration:

  • Storm mainsail (if the boat does not have a sufficient number of the reefs, min. 2, or roll mainsail) and storm jib if the boat does not have roll jib
  • Stable VHF device
  • VHF mobile device (Motorola) or spare VHF stern antenna cable, ready for immediate use (will be controlled)
  • Manual bilge pump
  • Pyrotechnic signals shall be provided conforming to SOLAS Code, Chapter II, Visual Signals and not older than the stamped expiry date or if no expiry date stamped, not older than 4 years
  • Life jackets for all crew members
  • "Lifelines" i.e. safety belts (must be taut to the deck) and safety harness for all crew members
  • Spare wheel steering or auxiliary steering gear
  • Rigging cutter (tool for quickly cutting cables)
  • Lifebuoy with a self-igniting light with floating rope
  • Two solid buckets
  • Spare navigation lights (with batteries)
  • Two waterproof hand-held flashlights with extra batteries
  • Fog horn
  • Compass
  • Anchors (main and spare) together with a suitable combination of chain and rope, all ready for immediate use
  • Taps for Kingston (intake valves)
  • First-aid kit
  • Navigation charts
  • Radar reflector
  • Inboard propulsion engine
  • Fuel for engine (min. for 100 nautical miles)
  • Water (drinking) for all crew members for 2 days
  • Navigation lights
  • Sufficient number of fire extinguishers

Note: If you control sailboat RO finds some irregularities that may affect the safety of navigation, it reserves the right to exclude boat from the race.



Sailing Instructions will be available online on: and



It will be used the Nautical charts of the Croatian Hydrographic Institute, which can be found at



Competitors, owners and their guests without any compensation, give the Organizing Committee the absolute right and permission to use their names, voice, image, biographical material as well as photographs of sailing boats in any medium (television, press and Internet media) including video footage, only for the purpose of advertising, promoting, reporting and information dissemination about the "20th Regatta Jabuka" and the participation of crew members in the race.



The prizes will be  awarded as follows:

  • 3 fastest boats in real time
  • Trophy «Jabuka» for the fastest boat in real time
  • 3 fastest boats in each group for Open class
  • 3 fastest boats in ORC club class
  • organizer can also give additional prizes at their own discretion



The Organizing Committee and any other party involved in the organization of the 20th Regatta Jabuka disclaim any and all responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage or inconvenience that might occur to persons or materials, both at sea and ashore as a consequence of participation in the event.



For more information please contact:

mob: 00385 (0)98 236 590

web: &

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Tracking of the race

18. Jabuka PLAYBACK

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10. Jabuka

Race Commitee Office

Yacht Club Tijat

Obala Matice Hrvatske 16

Vodice, 22211


Tel: +385 (0)98 236 590



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